General data protection regulation – GDPR effective 25 May 2018

Privacy policy / consent
This is a legal regulation of guidelines that regulates the collection, storing and processing of personal information of individuals within the EU. GDPR will replace the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Use of data – pre-tenancy
Applicants will complete an application form to provide personal data for referencing.  The data will be used to assess whether an applicant is suitable to be granted a Tenancy Agreement, or to be named as a Guarantor on an agreement. An industry referencing body will be used to check the suitability of an applicant.  A credit check will be conducted; therefore, the information will be shared with these third parties.  The landlord will be consulted, and information shared with the landlord to agree suitability for a tenancy agreement to be granted.

Use of data – tenancy term
Data will be processed only for the legitimate legal reason that it is held, and in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement.  Data will be used to allow the delivery of services to maintain the tenancy. For example, contact details will be shared with the landlord, utility companies, and third-party contractors or suppliers for access to maintain the property, carry out repairs, or deliver products.  Information regarding the tenancy will be shared with a deposit protection company to secure a Deposit Certificate.

Data will be connected to a unique code.  Clients will need to quote this code in all contacts.

Data will not be shared with anyone other than those disclosed above, for managing and servicing a tenancy.  Data will be shared with government or legal bodies when legally instructed.  Data will be shared where there is an emergency or vital interest are jeopardized i.e. “life or death” situations.

Additional information
Morgans may from time to time require additional information from you in order to carry out duties under the terms of the agreement.  You will be asked to confirm this information in writing, via email or by delivering original documents to Morgans office e.g. valid visas, additional reference information, marriage or death certificates.

Secure database
Data is held on a secure database which is password protected using industry-grade software.  Anti-Virus software protects the system.  An IT consultancy monitors the system on a 24-hour basis.

Deleting information – end of tenancy
Contractual data and data provided will be retained securely for a period of 6 years to adhere to legal requirements.

Third parties
Data will be shared with third parties in order to carry out services

Third Party Purpose
Referencing companies
Tenancy Deposit Protection company
Utility companies
To assess applicant suitability for a tenancy
To record tenancy and secure a Deposit Certificate
Legal owner
Utility provision or works
Standing orders to pay rent
Property remedial works

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